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STX-360-80 11 Piece Anvil Set
STX-360-80 11 Piece Anvil Set

STX-360-80 11 Piece Anvil Set

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STX-360-80 11 Piece Anvil Set - The STX-360-80 11 piece anvil set is another of Precision Toy Train Tools USA's exclusive and unique tool sets. Most clinch tool sets give you one or two rivet anvils, and while they work for many rivet operations, they don't work well for very small rivets and eyelets such as those used on coupler knuckles, repairing a shield on a 397 or on large rivets and eyelets such as those used on a battery bracket. These are just some of the examples. Often, the fits-all anvils leave behind marks on the work piece because the anvil is too big. When we took a look at the variety of engines, cars and accessories Lionel produced, (and yes these work with American Flyer and MTH too) we found that there were at least 11 rivet and eyelet heads that didn't fit the basic anvils available. As a result, we developed this 11 piece kit that also includes a special adapter to fit the base plate or base of available press.

This set includes:

STX-360-39 Anvil Holder for Adjustable Base Plate
STX-360-70 #1 Rivet Anvil 0.100” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-71 #2 Rivet Anvil 0.125” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-72 #3 Rivet Anvil 0.150” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-73 #4 Rivet Anvil 0.160” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-74 #5 Rivet Anvil 0.200” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-75 #6 Rivet Anvil 0.225” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-76 #7 Rivet Anvil 0.250” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-77 #8 Rivet Anvil 0.280” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-78 #9 Rivet Anvil 0.325” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-79 #10 Rivet Anvil 0.360” Fastener Head Diameter
STX-360-80B Wooden Tool Block for Storage

As will the majority of our tools, these are made from the highest quality tool steel available. The tools are heat treated for strength and durability and chemically blackened. As an added bonus, these tools fit all commercially available presses utilizing shank diameters of 3/8" (.375).

The quality of your work depends on experience and expertise, excellent equipment and the highest grade tooling currently available. Today the term restoration is over used. Restoration means returning something to its original factory condition.  It is our goal to have you complete your repairs with the result being as close to factory as reasonably possible!

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