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STX-360 Rivet & Wheel Press

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STX-360 Rivet & Wheel Press - The STX-360 Rivet and Wheel Press is a heavy duty tool developed specifically for the repair of toy trains. If you have seen the presses we have sold in the past and now see this one, you can tell there have been many changes. It is the only fully adjustable press on the market! Aside from the fact that the press uses a multitude of tool types besides just rivet clinchers and wheel cups, this press is fully adjustable to ensure pin point centerline accuracy. The press shown includes the press itself, the adjustable base plate and cap screws, a hex key for base plate adjustment, an STX-360-37 tapered setup tool and protective cap; an STX-360-38 solid plate plug for a flat working surface; an STX-360-34 threaded anvil holder with two lock nuts; thumb screws that have been installed in base plate and the ram and 2 set screws with a hex key for those times when the thumb screws get in the way. By making just the press available, you can customize easily by adding just the clinchers, wheel cups and other tools that you need.

We also have presses with just rivet tools, presses with just wheel cups as well as complete systems consisting of a press, rivet tools and wheel cups. Using these specialized tools you can perform literally hundreds of repair and assembly operations in your repair shop.

The Precision Toy Train Tools USA press is based on commercially available arbor press that has been selected for several important reasons. As opposed to other presses that rely on a cam driven ram, the STX press is gear driven, giving you more control over your operation. It provides a capacity of at least 2000 pounds, eliminating the need to use a hammer on the handle of the press to set truck rivets like our competitor does. In addition, this type of press has a throat and height dimension that will accommodate most gauges of trains from HO through standard gauge. The Lionel ST press won't accommodate standard gauge easily, and its 1990's replacement has a throat height that requires at least one ram adapter plus an over extended threaded anvil to close the gap in order to use simple clinch tools. While many commercially available arbor presses are initially somewhat inexpensive, our presses undergo significant modification to provide for precise and consistent operation. By modifying commercially available presses, Precision Toy Train Tools USA is able to provide the highest quality presses and tools available on the market today, while keeping the cost both competitive and affordable.

Still not sure? Download our free setup manual to get a feel for what this press can do. Click here!  This will open our setup manual in a new browser window.

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